First, your organization needs to define a CRM strategy. We are happy to give you advice.

Together, we will set the goals:

In what way do the various departments and employees work together?
Which sales method do you want to use?
How can we automate your business processes via workflow?
How do you want to communicate with your customers?
How does customer service yield more satisfied customers?
How do you achieve better cooperation between sales and marketing?
Which reports are you going to use?

After the wishes and demands have been determined in general, we can show the first adjustments we made in the Salesforce applications during an interactive workshop.
Contact us for a non-committal consultation session


Profit4SF implements according to the “Time Driven Implementation” methodology within the agreed timeframe!

Not the functionality, but the agreed timeframe is binding. In advance, all the demands and wishes will be inventoried. These will get a priority and will be implemented within the agreed timeframe.

Quick implementation
The adjustment will be made within a few iterations. It’s possible that customization is required or that an integration with your other source systems is needed.

Within a short timeframe, your work processes and business goals will perfectly align with the software and you will be a satisfied customer! Wondering how an implementation process works? Please contact us.


Sometimes extra customization is needed to fully adjust the system to your needs.

We always try to use standard “out of the box” solutions to implement Salesforce. Sometimes customers have specific business requirements, for which we make a customized solution.

Salesforce offers with a platform for development. A lot of ready-to-use business applications are available via this platform. Developing is 5 times faster and has 50% less cost than for example developing with Java.

Visual Force

Sometimes it is needed to make modifications to the interface. In this case, Visual Force offers a solution.


Adjusting standard functionalities is possible through the development language Apex. Profit4SF employs certified consultants for both Apex and Visual Force.

Are you not sure if Salesforce fully meets your needs and requirements? Please feel free to contact us and ask for the possibilities. 




To maximize the utility of your CRM system for your employees, we provide training.

Depending on the type of employees we can provide training for:

Sales employees
Service employees
Marketing employees
Office management
System Management
Specific courses (reports, email templates, mail merge etc.)

Training can be provided in the form of presentations, classroom teaching or on an individual level.
In case your organization still has questions we are happy to offer you support.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your organization? Feel free to contact us.


When your system is running and the users have been trained, Profit4SF is still available to provide support.

Support when you want it
In practice, the need for support is constantly changing. To provide support, Profit4SF uses the principle of a “strip card”, where a pre-determined amount of hours is purchased which will be used when needed. With support from Profit4SF you always have a certified Salesforce CRM expert available. Whether it’s about administrative tasks, developing new reports and dashboards or managing the security of your system and data.

The advantages of support:
Support for the optimal functioning of your sales, service and marketing processes.

We will give advice when new Salesforce functionalities become available.
Managing and adjusting your Salesforce applications by certified Salesforce experts.
Developing new reports and dashboards
Manage the security of your system and data.
You don’t have to employ a Salesforce expert or train you own employees to become one.
Very fast response time of 4 hours on business days.